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#2: This Charming Man - Marian Keyes (2008, 563 pages)

Since I first discovered one of Marian Keyes' books on a rainy afternoon in 2002, I have enjoyed every book she has written, whether they make me laugh, cry, think, or some combination of the three. This Charming Man is no exception.

Lola, Grace, Marnie and Alicia all have something in common: they all have found themselves at the mercy of Paddy de Courcy, an Irish politician. While he may seem charming and full of winning smiles in public, behind closed doors he is cruel and abusive. Marnie is the first to experience his anger, as a teen, and his lasting impact nearly destroys her life and her family. Lola didn't know that he was seeing anyone else until news of his engagement to Alicia hits the media, and the pain threatens her career, sending her to the far side of the country to recover. And Grace, a reporter, wants to expose de Courcy for the scoundrel he is.

I feel that, as she has continued to write, Keyes' books have only gotten better. While this isn't as amazing as my personal favorite, Anybody Out There?, it is still a great book that features a lot of great twists. It is also heartening to watch Lola's journey to overcome her heartache and learn to love again, while painful to see Marnie's lows. Personally, I related a lot to Grace, because of my journalism background and the desire to expose people who treat others horribly. Not only did Keyes create such strong characters, but she also has given them strong, distinctive voices. 

So if it isn't obvious, I really love this book, and if you're a chick lit fan, you most likely will as well, which is why I give this a strong four out of five vengeful exes.

Total Books Read: 2 / 50 (4 percent)
Total Pages Read: 1,126 / 15,000 (8 percent)

Up next: Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal (reread)
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