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Book 5

#5: Mr. Monster - Dan Wells (2010, 287 pages)

John Wayne Cleaver, the budding demon killer, is back in the sequel to I Am Not a Serial Killer.

Months after Cleaver vanquished the demon that was his neighbor Mr. Crowley, bodies have begun to show up once more. This time, the bodies are female and show signs to torture, unlike the bodies from before. While Cleaver (and the authorities) know that the killer is different, he cannot help but think they are the same.

And he's right.

Cleaver learns the Crowley was not the only demon in a journey that pits him against a sadistic serial killer who sees the teen as a demigod for what he's done. When asked to kill for pleasure, Cleaver makes a decision that will define the remainder of his life.

I enjoyed Wells' first novel, and I think that this novel not only picks up momentum from the first but surpasses it in providing readers with an exciting storyline and some answers to questions readers may have had after the first. One sequence was a bit too much for me to stomach, but I have to remind myself that Cleaver is a sociopath, so I bit back what left me feeling shaken. In all, this is a good book, and I look forward to seeing where Wells takes readers next. That's why I give this a disturbing but good three and a half out of five serial killers.

Total Books Read: 5 / 50 (10 percent)
Total Pages Read: 2,038 / 15,000 (14 percent)
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